How to Start a Business with No Money in 3 Easy Steps with Tutorman

How to Start a Business with No Money in
3 Easy Steps with Tutorman!

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Hey Freedom Seeker, here’s a free system you can use to make money passively by spending just 1 hour online per day!

Leo here 🙂
Business coach, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

I’m here to serve you, give massive value in my capacity as a business coach and 7 figure digital marketer, and to complete a legacy!

Imagine if you could learn how to tell your story in a way that helps you to build trust with your prospect?

Imagine if you could use a 100% free marketing system created by a $250 million dollar marketer, get coached by him and follow his step by step training program to start and grow the business of your dreams?

Imagine if you only needed to focus on one traffic method, and the marketing system would convert that traffic into leads and sales for you on autopilot?

Good or good? It’s absolutely awesome!

If you have no method to take you from where you are to where you want to be which is financially free, then you are in the right place at the right time to take advantage of this opportunity!

Freedom Seeker,
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could:
Find a business with no gimmicks?
Get coached by an honest guru with fruit on the tree?
Earn enough money to set up your retirement?
Say goodbye to your boss?
Earn passive income without having to do MLM or Crypto?
Start right away without an email list, products, website, or tons of time?
Create the time freedom to be able to hangout with your family and friends whenever you want?

Starting a traditional business is costly and high risk, but starting affiliate marketing is NO COST and NO RISK.

Here is an insight into some of the challenges faced by online marketers. Marketers were surveyed and asked what was their biggest challenge online? 70% said their biggest challenge was traffic generation. Other things they struggle with are:

– Don’t know where or how to get started;
– Digital strategy;
– Writing a business plan;
– Website design and development;
– Digital product creation;
– List building;
Copywriting (is actually the #1 skill required by anyone who want’s to know how to start and grow the business of your dreams.)

No matter what, your coach is going to help you solve these challenges step by step!

That’s too much Tutorman!

My big promise is:

‘I’m going to give you The ONE Thing that solves your biggest business challenge right now!

At the end of this video, I will give you a link, that when you click it, you will be able to start your online business for the price of a bag of peanuts!

Fair or fair? It’s really fair, a low cost offer and no risk to you!

When you get started for the cost of a bag of peanuts, you will get a 100% free all in one marketing system as a bonus!

And that same system is being used by dozens of affiliates who have already made 30, 40, 50K and even 2 million dollars online!

How to Start a Business with No Money

How to Start a Business with No Money and Make $100K

Yep, it’s proven by many!

My current mentor has been online for a couple of decades and he’s earned more than $250 million online marketing in-demand products and services in online education. This is a video clip that I recorded of my mentor in January 2014.

These hot-selling digital products include affiliate marketing; digital courses; coaching programs and masterminds!

The key to success online is profit!

And big profit is achieved when:
1. We can get more customers;
2. We can get repeat sales of the same product like subscriptions; and
3. We can get high ticket sales!

What makes us different is, we are honest; we are here to serve you, we give more massive value than anyone else in the industry and in the process, we are creating a legacy!

The great thing is, this is not a gimmick! We do not market overpriced products and we show you how to do something, we show you how we get our results, so that you can model us!

In my opinion, we are the product of the books we read and the people we associate with.

We have a community of thousands who are at different levels of their journey, and the marketer’s club is there for you to learn from the best in our community!

It’s this association that is so important for you, to learn the latest strategies and improve, in a positive learning environment!

3 Biggest Mistakes When Starting a Business

In the beginning, when I was starting my affiliate marketing, I made the 3 biggest mistakes that marketers can make,

I had no mentor who was very successful;

I had no proven marketing program to follow that was step by step;

I had no focus and no way of overcoming my challenges when I encountered them!

I wasted a lot of time and money and this went on for years!

I had a business of my nightmares and I was not able to make money online until I learned how to do certain things in the certain way!

Dana and Daddy

Dana and Daddy

It was so bad being on welfare. I would get my child support payments and pay for food and rent and then eat spaghetti for the next 2 weeks. There were no luxuries! I really don’t want to go back and think about it too much, but one thing I did make sure of was my son always had nutritious food and healthy home cooked meals.

I had failed to build a successful online business until I found a mentor who was an expert in digital product creation; a second mentor that was an expert in building sales funnels and a third mentor that was an expert in traffic generation and conversions!

I then started to apply what I had learned from the experts!

The THING That Changed Me

I made a goal and a dream and I wrote it down on paper.

I found a mentor and plugged in with him and that made me feel ‘unstoppable’.

I created a business plan, and I believed in myself and in the process, and

I took ‘imperfect action’ on my business plan …

I used a method of marketing called social media marketing.

I decided to have a consistent and persistent daily routine.

I would go to the gym in the morning for at least an hour a day, and this would clear my mind, allow me to dream and focus on what I was going to do for the rest of the day. Then, I would go home and work on my business for an hour each day!

I went from welfare to semi-retired in just 70 days spending an hour a day on my business at home. I could now support myself and I got off welfare, which was awesome,.

I started to dream bigger, imagining that I had more money and imagining I was fitter and would play football.

The Fittest I Have Ever Been and I Played My First Game of Football in 25 Years!

The Fittest I Have Ever Been and I Played My First Game of Football in 25 Years!

And my crazy dream was, I would live in paradise on the tropical island resort!

What I really did was create a marketing system for myself, and use social media to attract my target customer. I was able to make good money, as much as $28,000 profit in a single month because I had mastered those skills!

98% of Marketers Struggle to Pay Their Expenses

The statistical problem is, 98% of marketers struggle and only make around $100 per month and it’s the 2% of marketers that make enough to pay for their online tools and expenses!

Getting no results is really frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way…

People struggle when there is no coach, no business plan, no proven step by step method and no focus, true or true?

My Reason Why I Do What I Do!

On 18th of June, 2016, 2:36 am, and I was pacing up and down in the hospital ward at the Box Hill hospital.

Emergency paramedics were trying to resuscitate my 5 year old son Dana after a code blue, his heart and breathing had stopped.

Like an arrow passing through my heart, I felt my son and best mate Dana pass away.

Not his parents, grandparents, doctors and specialists who had examined my son over the past 12 months had any idea he had a golf ball sized tumor at the base of his brain!

The neurosurgeon who operated said, that it was like ‘a bushfire had passed through his brain’.

To bring meaning and positivity to the passing of my son, who died of an undetected brain tumor called a medulloblastoma, I create a charity in his name.

I raise millions in funds for cancer research and the development of early cancer screening and detection equipment.

Cancer D.A.N.A stands for Cancer Detection Analysis Neurological Apparatus.

Fundraising for Cancer DANA Legacy Charity

This is my calling in life, why I do what I do!

My Friend, to help you start a profitable online business,

I’m giving you a 100% FREE marketing system, Tutorman Blueprint, and my step by step coaching.

I’m accepting small donations and this is one way I can raise funds for Dana’s legacy charity. There is absolutely no obligation to donate!

To start and grow a profitable online business is easy when you know how to do certain things in the certain way.

By teaching someone how to catch fish is the key to them being able to eat fish for a lifetime.

You will learn how to get traffic and leads and the system will convert those leads into sales and multiple streams of income on autopilot for you!

I’ll help you master the skill, and you will be able to earn unlimited amounts simply by sending ‘eyeballs’, i mean people to your landing page!

The more website traffic you send, the more people the system will convert into leads and sales for you!

– You get a 100% free, multiple streams of income all-in-one marketing system;

– You get a business coach to guide you and keep you focused;

– You get access to the best step by step training programs ever created for affiliate marketing, that have helped several people earn 6 and 7 figures online!

You also get steak knives, haha just kidding… You also get:

– Digital products that are hot selling; business blueprints and social media marketing strategies;

– Sales funnels and copywriting, all done for you;

– Website design and development, all done for you;

– Graphic design, all paid for.

And when you want me to guide you, I’m your business coach in your corner, to help you

Start An Online Business That Earns High-Ticket Commissions Marketing Valuable Products People Already Want To Buy!

Even If you have never made any money online ever before…

Look here are hundreds of happy customers, they use these blueprints to learn step by step how to make money online in their sleep!

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome…

This is a ‘done for you’ solution, that converts website traffic into leads and sales!

All you have to so is one thing, focus on one method of marketing, to get eyeballs to your landing page!

Easy or easy, it’s very easy!

If you have never done online marketing before, the training videos show you how to do that step by step!

Don’t worry, I’m here to guide you too!

I will show you how to start a business with no money in 3 easy steps and just $1 for my coaching, cool or cool? It’s absolutely Awesome!

Let’s hop over to my laptop and I’m going to show you how I do this now in 3 easy steps, and you will be able to model what I do step by step…

Step 1 – Watch the Story Video

Short Story Example by Tutorman

Action Step 1 – Write your story!

Step 2 – Watch the Demonstration Video

Activate Your Prosperity Marketing System

Action Step 2 – Claim your Prosperity Marketing System Now! Click the link, so that you can activate the marketing system for free and start using it!

Step 3 – Watch the Traffic Video

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Action Step 3 – Create your video advertisement now!

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Dear Student,
I’m on a journey to complete a legacy by helping people like you to meet with success!

We can have anything we want when we help enough people get what they want!

The more people I help, the bigger the legacy I can create…

It’s an exchange in value…

I help you increase your income and build the business of your dreams!

When I do that, then I would have succeeded too!


Here are a few of our happy customers to share a word with you!

Yours is such a genuine and honest company and that is why I wanted to be an affiliate. Thank you for the opportunity. – Tamara.

Glad to be part of this great group of people and mentors! The teachings here are beyond measure and the support from the other members goes far beyond anything else I’ve experienced! – Kelly.

I’m here because you guys are genuine. You don’t make unreal promises and I really like that. You are honest and you tell it like it is… you don’t find that much any more . I have wanted something like this for years and was so very happy to find you all. I plan on being here for a long time. A great big thank you to all you guys. Sheila.

We could start a movement, you and me!

And help change the lives of you and many others who are struggling to take care of themselves and their families!

It’s Your Time!

Now, that you have the keys to the 100% FREE ‘Done For You Marketing System’, we can work together to get things setup for you!

Here’s my contact details: +61466662316.

We can work on this project together, help you start and grow the business of your dreams and if you like, create a wonderful community at the same time.





There is six thousand members, come and join us!

And not only will I work with you, but I can give you my best strategies for increasing your website traffic.

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

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Act Now – Your success and making your goals and dreams come true waits for nobody… let’s open the door for you to get started now!

Bonuses from Tutorman

1. How to Start a Business with No Money in 3 Easy Steps!
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Not everyone succeeds online, 98% fail, but you will feel ‘unstoppable’ with your $250 million dollar coach, and Tutorman in your corner!

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Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

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1. How to Start a Business with No Money in 3 Easy Steps!
Get started in your own online business for “peanuts” (at very low cost);

2. 15 days step by step training program from a $250 million dollar guru;
Get a coach a proven program and focus. Your class is starting now!

3. Get Instant Access to your all in one, done for you marking system with multiple streams of income;

4. My top 3 marketing and traffic strategies;

5. The ebook that helps me get anything I want in life;

6. My step by step coaching videos, when you follow me!

7. You get my mobile number and access to me! +61466662316.

Take your opportunity now, and collect you bonuses now!

Cool or cool? It’s absolutely awesome!

To Your Success,

Leo Hokkanen
Business coach, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman,

Helping people to help themselves and freeing the world!

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