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To whom it may concern,

Here is a marketing secret that shows you how to earn money online free!

Leo Here 🙂

Business coach, investor, fundraiser, legacy builder and also known as Tutorman.

and what I am about to show you,

allowed me to go from welfare to semi-retired,

working just 1 hour a day on my digital marketing at home!

And that’s without having to follow a scamming guru marketer, or

write a best selling book, and

without having to make any phone calls!

My marketing secret, is this:

Instead of direct messaging friends and relatives,

Instead of posting on social media every day, and

Instead of paying for ads on Facebook every day,

I was able to take my digital marketing from zero to $10,000 a month, working just an hour a day, using this marketing secret…

So what is the marketing secret?

‘Nothing sells like telling your story’, and ‘Nothing sells like how you get and show your results’

here’s what I mean.

It means that instead of ‘blowing your own horn’, by telling people about yourself and how good you are,

Instead, just show them what you can do,

Like for instance, what results can you show?

What live demonstration can you do, which proves your worth as a digital marketer?

People love the truth…

And no-one can dispute results, no matter what they are!

That’s why nothing sells like results!

Even better it gives you instant trust with your prospects at warp speed,

This is exactly what allows me to take any new digital marketing opportunity from zero to $10,000 a month working just 1 hour every day!

We coach marketers and teach them how to earn money online free using digital marketing and many are already doing this!

I generated revenue of more than $6 million dollars within 12 months working just an hour a day each day at home with digital marketing…

How would you like to see how I made this happen?

Well for the first time…, I’ll take you behind the scenes of how I went from zero to $10,000 per month working just 1 hour each day with digital marketing strategies!

Now, there’s nothing to buy, just watch it right now!

Now, the good news is:

This works no matter what niche you are in!

And obviously this is me showing you my results in order to get you interested in my business coaching!

But no matter what, I’m going to show you every step, so that you can do it yourself!

My class is available to you right now, no waiting!

There’s nothing to buy but pure content and answers for you…

And there nothing for sale either!


My Reason Why?

Write and Record Your Short Story

Write and Record Your Short Story on Video

How I Do It!

The Demonstration

Show Your Results

What I Do?

Money Making Activities

Money Making Activities

SEO Specialist:

Search Engine Optimization is Used to Increase Website Traffic and Conversions

When starting a new business online I focus my money making activities to increasing website traffic for free!

I rank my websites in position #1 on Google and page #1 on Youtube!

See My Examples:
Both websites are found in the 1st position in Google search.

https://websitetrafficagency.com (new website)
Keyword is tutorman

Keyword is ezytrx

Online Tutor SEO SEM Google Rank 1

Online Tutor SEO SEM Google Rank 1

I focus on money making activities ONLY, that are the most impactful and result in getting leads and sales!

In the beginning, I setup a website and blog and use SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to start getting organic free traffic from the search engines, like Google, and Youtube.com!

Tutor Man WordPress Website Development

Tutor Man WordPress Website Development

Pages are optimized (page scores above 90%) to get traffic from Google.

Paid advertising is the fastest way to increase website traffic!

When your online business is getting some results and has an optimized sales funnel, I like to focus on the activities that generate traffic fast, like email broadcasts, Tik Tok and paid advertising including Youtube videos!

Digital Marketing

Here are 5 secret methods I use to increase website traffic free!

Youtube Marketing; Facebook Marketing; LinkedIn Marketing; Email Marketing; and Viral Marketing.

Let’s hop on my laptop and I’m going to show you exactly how we do this!

Tutor Man Youtube Marketing

Tutor Man Youtube Marketing

Have I proven that I can help you?

Partner with Tutorman. Yes? – Okay Call Me 0466662316.

Learn more, here’s my Tutorman Blueprint free training for digital marketers!

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Great opportunity for Tutor man (or woman) to work from home doing online tutoring jobs. Digital marketing, affiliate marketing and social media marketing are online jobs from home.

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